Take a closer look

There is a whole world out there full of art, music, food, education and chance encounters. Don't miss out - Morse allows you to tap into experiences happening right now, all around you. Whether you are learning more about the neighborhood you have lived in for years, or are in a new town with adventure on your mind, Morse is there to be your guide. Take a closer look.

In your line of sight

Morse allows you to learn about events, find out of the way places and meet new people around you in realtime. Creating events and reaching an audience is simple, whether you are hosting an exhibition or have a few hours to kill and want to give ad-hoc lessons.

Join our Beta

Morse is now in public beta. We would love your help testing the app. Morse beta is available for both Android (through Google Play open beta) and iOS (through TestFlight). For any inquiries related to Morse, please feel free to reach out to us.